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Savings Tips

Plan your meals, but be ready to improvise and use your leftovers. All of this, of course, properly storing and refrigerating food, adhering to safety standards. To save money and time, follow these tips:

When you are cooking chicken breasts to make enchiladas, use vegetables in your broth, so that it is more nutritious and you can use it later to make sopa de fideo o caldo de pollo.

If you do not have time to boil the chicken, just buy a rotisserie chicken and shred it! It will be tasty and your enchiladas or tostadas will turn out great!

After making your enchiladas, if you still have chicken, make tostadas the next day! Things you need to have in your pantry are the tostadas and in your fridge: lettuce, shredded cheese (Mexican blend)

If you make “picadillo” (ground beef cooked in a fry pan with veggies) one night and have some left over, that can be the perfect base for making a quick meat sauce for a pasta night! Just add your favorite Italian sauce (either bought or homemade) and you got it!