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20 medium shrimp, peeled, raw


1 seedless cucumber, chopped


1 cup chopped red onion


1 cup chopped cilantro


1 jalapeno, seeded, chopped


1 avocado in small cubes


1 tbsp salt


8-10 limes (medium size)


Boil 4 qts of water

Add shrimp, cook for 1 minute or until it all turns pink.

Cut shrimp in small pieces.

Add juice of limes and the rest of ingredients.

Mix well.

Serve chilled.

Add cilantro and salt.



8 tomatillos

1 jalapeno or serrano pepper

1 handful of cilantro

1 tsp of salt



Boil the tomatillos (without the husk) and the pepper until tomatillos change to a pale green.

Blend all ingredients.

Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes in a pot with 1 teaspoon of canola oil.

Salsa Verde on Skirt Steak


3 avocados

9 tomatillos

2 jalapenos

2 handfuls of cilantro

Salt to taste



Remove husks from tomatillos and wash well.

Blend the avocados (peeled and without pit), tomatillos, jalapenos, cilantro and salt.

I prefer to use a food processor or hand blender to get a chunkier consistency, but use what you have at hand. A regular blender works as well.

This guacamole is different from the conventional, restaurant style, but it is a favorite! Eat with chips, or in quesadillas, burgers, grilled meat, etc.



6 plum tomatoes

1 jalapeno or serrano pepper

1/4 white onion

1 handful of cilantro

Salt to taste

1 tsp tomato paste


Broil or grill the tomatoes, onion and pepper until the have soften and blackened a little bit.

Blend all ingredients to a chunky consistency.

Simmer in a pot with a tsp of canola oil and mix in the tomato paste to preserve color.

Salsa Molcajete


2 full chicken breasts with bones and skin

1 white onion

1 tbsp salt or chicken bouillon

16 corn tortillas

1/2 lb shredded mexican cheese

Canola oil

One bay leaf


Boil the chicken breasts with the onion and a bay leaf until fully cooked.

Shred the chicken meat.

Fry the tortillas lightly in the canola oil. Do this by waiting for the oil to be hot then pass the torilla through the oil and get out quickly. The tortilla should still be soft and easily folded.

Add chicken to each tortilla and roll up (tip: first fold in half then continue to roll up).

Cover with your salsa of preference (green or red), add shredded cheese, mexican sour cream if available and enjoy!

In a hurry??? Use a rotisserie chicken and shred it to save time on cooking and it also adds a great flavor!

Tip: Save the broth and leftover shredded chicken for the chicken noodle soup.


2 full chicken breasts with bones and skin

1 white onion, in half

1 tbsp salt or chicken bouillon

1 zuccini, in cubes

1 carrot, in rounds

2 stalks of celery, in cubes

1 tbsp chicken bouillon

1 handful of cilantro leaves

1 tsp of olive oil

1 bay leaf

Salt to taste


Boil the chicken breasts with the veggies and a bay leaf until fully cooked.

Remove onion.

Cook the noodles in a pot with boiling water, a bay leaf , olive oil and salt.

Shred the chicken meat and put back in broth.

Add noodles to chicken broth.

Add cilantro and chicken bouillon.